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Video recap of CEN-TC 155 Helsinki May 2016

The CEN/TC 155 plenary meeting took place on 18-19 May 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. The meeting was organized by the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation, TEPPFA National Association member, in cooperation with Finnish Standards Association.

TEPPFA - shaping future generations

In 2016 TEPPFA celebrated its 25th anniversary at the TEPPFA Forum. View the video that has been showcased during the opening session, demonstrating how plastics will be shaping future generations' lives.

TEPPFA animation

The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) is the trade association representing manufacturers and national associations of plastic pipe systems in Europe. We are actively involved in the promotion of plastic pipe systems for all applications. We want to raise awareness of the value that plastic pipe systems offer for a sustainable future. 

TEPPFA is the voice of the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Industry.

TEPPFA sponsoring MEP Awards 2016 for Environment 

The fight against climate change is set to form a central part of the European parliament's work in the coming legislature. This award celebrates an MEP whose work on environmental policy and environmental protection measures is particularly deserving of recognition. TEPPFA support for the third consecutive year the award in the Environment category. 

EurActiv highlights clip 'To REACH or to Recycle" event

As Paul Rubig emphasized, Reach plays a very important role to give a framework in recycling today; the question is how we can take both in a very efficient and transparent way, that incentives the reaching of the targets as soon as possible. TEPPFA supported this stakeholder event organized by EurActiv Institute.

TEPPFA Forum 2015 - Day 1

Market challenges and Policy discussion 

Full day panel discussion and presentations from high level EU officials, industry representative and CEO's. Market challenges and EU policies on the construction sector were the key issues discussed.

TEPPFA Forum 2015 - Day 2 

Environmental Sustainability for products and buildings

Stakeholders and policymakers came together to discuss a relevant aspect of the industry: Environmental Sustainability. The technical debate originated from simple questions: “can sustainable construction products build sustainable buildings?”, “is benchmarking thinkable for construction products?”


Sewer Installation Time - Plastics versus Concrete

In August 2013 TEPPFA commissioned a practical test to compare the installation time of sewer systems. See the advantages of plastic over concrete pipes demonstrated in a real life experiment!

TEPPFA Forum 2014

Environmental Sustainability of Construction Products

Representatives of different Commission services (DG Environment and DG Industry), LCA practitioners, Industry representatives and academia debated about environmental sustainability of construction products in the Teppfa Forum 2014 - Environmental Sustainability of Construction Products Workshop.

TEPPFA Forum 2014

Green week Satellite Event

The EU considers its vision of a circular economy as being the logical solution for a resource-constrained world. It's a place where almost nothing is wasted, where the re-use and re-manufacturing of products has become standard practice and where sustainability is built into the fabric of society. 

MEP Awards 2014 A word from the sponsors

TEPPFA is proud to announce that it will support this year's MEP Award in the category 'Environment'. All winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on 18th March 2014 at the Concert Noble in Brussels.

Achieving Environmental & Sustainability goals - Does Recycling improve air quality? 

Jointly supported by TEPPFA & Vinylplus in conjunction with EurActiv the conference took place at the EU Parliament on 5th June 2013 as part of this year's "Green Week". The event was kindly hosted by MEP Vittorio Prodi, Rapporteur of the European Parliament for the Green Paper on plastic waste. Contributors included William Neale (DG Environmen), Hans Telgen (TEPPFA Board Member), Gerald Feigenbuz (Managing Director EPPA) and Dirk Jepsen (Executive Director OKOPOL). 

Clean drinking water: Plastic Pipe systems make it possible

On the 10 May 2012, TEPPFA, in cooperation with EURACTIV, organized a workshop entitled “Water Efficiency: What Role for Infrastructure.” This event was hosted in Brussels by MEP Richard Seeber at the European Parliament. Hans Telgen, TEPPFA President, took this opportunity to present the technological advancements of the plastic pipe systems industry focusing on water storage and drainage infrastructure.