About the European plastic pipe industry

When were plastic pipes invented?

Although it is generally accepted that the development of PVC, as one of the first industrially produced plastic materials happened simultaneously in Germany and the US, Waldo Semon of the BF Goodrich is credited with being the inventor of the industrial production of PVC in the 1920s. The first PVC plastic pipes were manufactured in Germany in 1935. The installation of PVC plastic pipes began in in Germany in 1936 for drinking water distribution and sewerage. Most of these pipes are still in service.


How much plastic pipe is produced in Europe each year?

3 million tonnes of plastic pipes are produced annually in Europe.


Who are the main plastic pipe producers?

The main European plastic pipe producers are:

·         Aliaxis

·         Egeplast

·         Geberit International

·         Georg Fischer Piping Systems

·         KWH Pipe

·         Pipelife International

·         Rehau

·         Teraplast

·         Tessenderloo Group

·         Uponor

·         Wavin


What is TEPPFA?

TEPPFA is the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association, a group of 15 European national associations and 11 direct company members across Europe. TEPPFA company members directly employ 40.000 people and produce 3 million tonnes of plastic pipes annually, representing an annual turnover of 12 billion euros. On behalf of its members, TEPPFA is actively involved in the promotion of plastic pipe systems for all applications.


Where can I find more expert information about plastic pipes? 

ASETUB - Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Tubos y Accesorios Plásticos

Please visit: www.asetub.es

British Plastics Federation Pipes Group

Please visit: www.bpfpipesgroup.com

BureauLeiding - Dutch Plastic Pipes Association

Please visit: www.bureauleiding.nl

Czech Republic – Czech Republic plastic pipes association

Please visit: www.adpp.cz

DPF - Danish Plastics Federation

Please visit: www.plast.dk

FCIO - Fachverband der Chemischen Industrie Österreich

Please visit: www.fcio.at

Essencia - Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries

Please visit: www.essenscia.be

FIPIF - Finnish Plastics Industries Federation

Please visitt: www.plastics.fi

KRV - Kunstoffrohrverband e.V.- Fachverband der Kunstoffrohr-Industrie

Please visit: www.krv.de

MMSZ – MCSSZ - Müanyag – Csögyártók Szövetsége

Please visit: www.appm.hu

PRIK - Polish Association of Pipes and Fittings Producers

Please visit: www.prik.pl

STR - Syndicat des Tubes et Raccords

Please visit: www.str-pvc.org

Swedish Plastics and Chemical Federation

Please visit: www.plastkemiforetagen.se

VKR - Verband Kunststoffrohre und Rohrleitungsteile

Please visit: www.vkr.ch