Plastic pipe systems offer ideal protection for buried cables and fibre optics both inside and outside the building.

A cross-section of a normal house or street would reveal countless cables. A standard one-family house contains up to 200 metres of cable, hidden behind walls and under the floors. Nowadays, fibre optics for communications, television and Internet are being installed far and wide, making the need for convenient cable protection systems even greater.

Plastic pipes offer excellent protection for cables. Cable and fibre optics installed in plastic pipe systems give fewer failures than directly buried cables. The pipes protect the cables against damage from subsequent excavations, road construction and damage caused by rodents. 

Installing the cables in a plastic pipe system makes a lot of sense economically. It makes cable replacement or the addition of new cables much easier and thus much cheaper than it would be if the cables were simply buried in the ground.

Using plastic pipe systems for cable protection means less public inconvenience. Cables can be renewed, repaired or added without digging up the street. The pipes used for cable protection may have a low-friction coating on the inside, which makes it easy to pull out several hundred metres of cable at a time. 

PVC and PE are the materials most commonly used for cable protection systems.