Sewer Systems

The underground world of sewers is fascinating. From a technical point of view, plastics have revolutionised the way our ever-growing urban societies have dealt with a subject that is not often discussed. But it is a fact of life. Superior flow-rate properties and low leakage make plastic pipe systems excellent for sewer applications.


Plastic pipe systems are a proven solution for sewer applications and have been used for more than 50 years. Their flexibility allows them to adjust to inevitable ground movements, thereby reducing the risk of leakage. Even earthquakes have little effect on their useful existence. Their smooth inner walls secure high gravity flow rates and minimise blockage. Their advantages with respect to speed and ease of installation are unmatched.

Waste Water Transport

Plastic pipe systems are used widely for the transportation of wastewater from buildings to the wastewater treatment plant. This can be done by gravity sewer, pressure or vacuum sewer or by using domestic wastewater treatment tanks. Pipeline rehabilitation is also a common application.

Rain Water

The growth of plastic sewer systems for rainwater harvesting and dispersal has been phenomenal. Collection, filtration, infiltration, retention, transportation, and reusing of rainwater from the roofs and streets are increasingly achieved by plastic sewer systems. 



More intense rainfalls have prompted engineers to prefer a plastic solution to avoid street flooding and provide run off for the urban landscape with its enlarged pavements.