Operation Clean Sweep

Why Should My Company Sign up?

Implementing the Operation Clean Sweep®

Below you may find a number of tools to assist your company in the Operation Clean Sweep® implementation.


Manual provides an insight on how to set up, review and improve existing environmental protection and safety measures under the light of pellet loss. Your company may want to use it as a starting point and to build your effective measures adjusted to your local needs.

Manual is available in five languages:


Checklists are divided into two target groups: Management and Employee.The checklists are customisable to specific needs of your company, and for example, allow you to add/remove specific process steps, or to insert a company logo.

Management Checklist


  •  Site Audit Management
  •  Facility Equipment
  •  Implementation & Training
  •  Employee Equipment

Employee Checklists


  •  Processor Operations
  •  Warehouse
  •  Car Cleaning/Loading
  •  Railroad
  •  Transloader


Five Step Programme:

  1. Commitment by your company
  2. Preliminary audit of your company
  3. Developing your action plan
  4. Engaging your employees
  5. Monitoring and evaluating the procedures

Systematizing best practices:

  • Monitor all transfer areas on your site
  • Identify key areas for leaks
  • Determine the causes of leaks in each zone
  • Look for ways to improve each problem
  • Implement the most simple and effective solution
  • Follow up to evaluate success
  • Repeat if necessary

If you would like to contact us directly, please email info@teppfa.eu

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