What benefit can be derived from the use of plastics manholes?

Small and medium size plastics manholes have low weight and can easily and quickly be transported, handled and installed
without any special equipment.


  • The weight of a typical concrete manhole is18 times higher than a plastic manhole of the same height.
  • Because the concrete manhole components are very heavy a special crane is needed to install them in the correct position.
  • Further, the installation of concrete manholes is more time consuming than the installation of plastics manholes.
  • In some cases a special temporary service road parallel to the trench will need to be built and used by the crane and heavy trucks used to deliver the concrete manhole.
  • With a group of installers, each can handle one part of the plastic manhole, lay it down and assemble it piece by piece and with one “click” connect it to the plastics sewer pipeline. Moreover any misalignments can easily be corrected on the plastic manholes while a crane is needed for concrete manholes.
  • Fast installation without use of special equipment is less costly than with such equipment. 
  • Tailor made thermoplastic manholes enable quick response to often changing project conditions.

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