Polyethylene (PE) Gas Pressure Pipe Systems


Gas Distribution Pipe Systems (Pressure)

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The graph below show the impact of the four stages in a product's lifetime:

  • production,
  • construction process,
  • use and
  • end of life.


• Below ground pressure transportation of combustible gas over a distance of 100 meters from the exit of the gas plant to the gas meter in a building


  • Diameter: DN/OD 110 mm
  • Length 100 m
  • PE 100
  • SDR 17
  • Wall thickness 6,6 mm
  • Fittings (EF & BW)
  • Flow 0,5-2,0 m/s
  • EN 1555

Service lifetime:

  • 100 years

PE gas pressure pipe systems global warming:

Impact on global warming (in kg CO2 equivalent)