Polypropylene (PP) Soil & Waste Low Noise Pipe Systems


Download: EPD

The EPD describes the impact of the four stages in a product's lifetime:

  • production

  • construction process

  • use

  • end of life


Gravity discharge and transport of soil and waste from an apartment of 100 m2 to the entrance of a public sewer system.


Pipes and fittings:

  • designed according to EN 12056-2

  • PP pipe system components (pipes, fittings and rubber rings) are in accordance with National or Company Standards

Service lifetime:

  • 50 years (aligned with the life time of the apartment)


  • 5 m, plain ended, solid wall, multilayer, grey coloured

  • Diameter range: DN/OD 50; 75;110 mm


  • all socket type

PP low noise soil & waste pipe system:

Impact on global warming (in kg CO2 equivalent)