PVC-U vs Titan Zinc


The collection and gravity withdrawal of rainwater from a typical gable roof by a PVC-U half-round gutter system and its alternative Titan Zinc gutter system


  • Rain gutter opening 120mm
  • Two downpipes, Ø80mm
  • Height of house: 5,8m
  • Living surface: 100m2
  • Roof surface (projection on floor): 56m2
  • Floor surface: 50m2

Service lifetime:

  • 50 years

Comparison of PVC to Titan Zinc rain gutter pipe system for the 6 environmental impact criteria


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• Comparison studies are provided for information purposes only. The environmental impact analysis for alternative pipe materials has been calculated based on the same functional unit and category rules as used for the plastic pipe system to which it is compared. The analysis of the environmental impact of the comparison material has been based on publically available data

• It should be noted that data relating to raw materials, manufacturing processes, system design, installation practice, etc. for alternative pipe materials has been taken from various publically accessible sources. Whereas every effort has been made to ensure the integrity and validity of this data TEPPFA cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

• As TEPPFA has made the results of the LCA comparison studies available for the general public, following the principles of ISO 14040- 2006 and ISO 14044- 2006, a critical review of the LCA study is required. Different to ISO requirements for comparative LCA studies TEPPFA did not install a review panel, but commissioned a single critical review. This critical review was performed by Denkstatt GmbH. A summary of their review is included at the end of each comparison report.