What is the chemical resistance of plastic manholes in sewer pipelines?

Plastic manholes can withstand all chemicals which normally occur in sewers, and therefore are regarded as very durable.


  • They are more durable then concrete manholes as there can be no chemical attack of biogenic sulphuric acid in the form of corrosion.
  • In most EU-countries there is a trend of separation of sewer systems in black (foul) water and rain water. In practice this means that the concentration of chemicals in the sewer system will increase. 
  • Reviewing the standards as specified below there is no chemical attack to be expected.

Want to know more? Refer to the Manufacturers documentation, and the following ISO standards:
- ISO-TR-7473 PVC-pipes and fittings – chemical resistance with respect to fluids;
- ISO-TR-7474 HDPE-Pipes and fittings – chemical resistance with respect to fluids to be conveyed;
- ISO-TR-7471 PP pipes and fittings - chemical resistance to fluids;
- ISO-TR-10358- Combined chemical resistance classification table;
- ISO-TR-7620 Chemical.