What is the most common inspection technique used in plastic manholes? 

Using a camera is the most common inspection technique used today which gives safety and is time/cost effective.


  • The main advantage of using CCTV is safety as no one has to enter the manhole, there is a record and proof that the inspection has been done and it is time and cost effective. As it does not require a man entry smaller chambers can be used (depending on the diameter of the pipes).
  • Mirror inspection is another method which has similar advantages but it is more labour intensive and no proof of inspection is made.
  • Man entry is not recommended and should only be used as a final solution, taking all the safety precaution as specified by local regulations. 
  • In case of man entry all plastic manholes have plastic ladders which can not corrode.

Want to know more? Refer to the TEPPFA jetting brochure and to Manufacturers documentation.