What possibilities exist for making connections on site in plastic manholes?

By drilling a hole in the shaft and using a sealing ring it is very easy and fast to make an extra inlet on a plastic manhole on site.


  • An extra inlet may be needed in both a concrete and plastics manhole. It is of importance for the installer that an extra inlet can be easily made on site with limited use of technical equipment.
  • The drilling of a hole for an extra inlet in the concrete manhole body (few centimeter of hard concrete wall) must be carried out with a special diamond drill. But very often the hole for the extra inlet is carried out with a drilling machine with hammer function or with a hammer and a chisel instead of by drilling. In this case the hole will be of low quality and will not give an accurate fit to the inlet components. Therefore a special adaptor is needed. The adaptor has to be concreted into the concrete manhole wall, which is time consuming. In some cases special rubber seals/adaptors are used, but this requires a high quality drilling of the hole.
  • The plastic manhole body has a wall thickness where the drilling can be carried out with a standard core drill or hole saw.
  • In the drilled hole one can use a special sealing ring or a special adaptor. For this solution, no additional glue or cement is required. The joint is leak tight.
  • A new connection with a plastic pipe can be made immediately via the adaptor/sealing ring.

Want to know more? Refer to Manufacturers documentation.