Aspire Tower - A Fitting Symbol of Achievement

Modeled in the form of an Olympic torch, the Aspire Tower is the highest building in Doha , Qatar . Speed of construction was essential since its presence was intended to represent the symbol of the 15 th Asian Games in 2006. With desert summer temperatures as high as 50 ºC degrees and high humidity levels, it was important that equipment and systems within the building operated to meet stringent requirements.

Designed by the architect Hadi Simaan, the tower accommodates a 17 floor five star hotel, conference centre, revolving restaurant, sports museum, health club with a cantilevered swimming pool and an observation deck. Given a time horizon of 21 months as well as the scale and scope of the accommodation, the choice of pipe system to provide all the necessary plumbing, sanitary services, water, cooling and communications was critical.


Letzigrund Stadium - Precision Timing

The Letzigrund stadium has been a fine home to FC Zurich since it opened in 1925. Various improvement schemes have also enabled the Swiss stadium to provide an excellent venue for athletic events and concerts. 


Good as Gold for Salford Quays

The building designers for the most advanced UK building complexes, NV Buildings in Salford Quays have created an architectural statement for this scenic area of Manchester. It is an extraordinary blend of unique design and state of the art features. Highly efficient, low energy consumption buildings utilise only the very latest construction materials and techniques. But which pipe systems would they choose for this imaginative project?

They chose plastic pipe systems as the most modern solution for the plumbing. The scheme's three innovative towers house a total of 246 one, two and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses. This EUR 50 million development overlooks the Manchester Ship Canal. Its combination of steel and glass has been called one of the most attractive pieces of modern architecture in the area. Furthermore, it won a Gold award for 'Best Apartment' in the Daily Telegraph's 'What House?' Magazine Awards 2004. 

Residents of these beautiful buildings can now enjoy the amenities of their high-class homes without fear of water damage. They can admire their scenic views –while remaining high and dry! 

Best Score for Danish Opera House

In the new opera house in Copenhagen, when Madam Butterfly pauses before singing her heart rendering aria un bel di vedremo, the suspense will be felt by the mind. Not the body!

Designed by Henning Larsen, this wonderful building had many challenges to solve. Only the most ideal acoustics were possible. No banging metal pipework and only the very best technical solutions. All materials and finishes should naturally be state of the art. 

The result? One of the best-equipped and most modern opera houses in the world. Plastic pipe systems are used throughout the building. For instance, a combined floor heating and cooling system in the Opera House foyer has been installed. This plastic pipe system provides a comfortable temperature for the audience in summer and a comfortable temperature in winter. Large temperature fluctuations and condensation are avoided. 

In Copenhagen, every note of Puccini's musical score will be heard in its entirety. And though his libretto may arouse a mindful response, the audience will be surrounded by the comfort of a well-designed building.

Religious Conservation for the Abbey

The Abbey of Praglia, located near Padua in Northern Italy, is a gem worth visiting. Founded in the 11th century by Benedictine monks and rebuilt in 1496-1550, the abbey is one of Italy's oldest and largest religious establishments. When the Abbey of Praglia decided to upgrade its entire heating system, special attention had to be paid to the protection of all areas of historical interest. But how to achieve this and still conserve the historical structure of the building?

The solution was provided by plastic pipe technology. Obsolete oil powered boilers located within the abbey perimeter were replaced and plastic pipes now deliver central heating and hot water from a new external boiler. 

Conservation of this imposing abbey has thus been facilitated through the use of flexible plastic pipes. Installation was quick and without disruption to the structure of the building or to the daily lives of the abbey's occupants. This abbey contains a rich library with over 50.000 volumes, a well-known restoration centre of antique books, a herbalist's laboratory, and a cosmetic workshop. Continuing its traditional monastic activities, today the community hosts conferences and runs a guest service. Its character will endure.