TEPPFA Forum 2015

The Forum has been organised at the Plaza Hotel (Brussels) around 6 main themes split between two days and social gatherings, namely the Gala dinner and the Closing cocktail. Click here to view pictures.

Below, in blue, the publishable version of the PowerPoint presented by our speakers (please note that not all speakers authorised the publication of their presentations). 


Conference Opening Session

Chair: Claudia Topalli, Environmental & regulatory affairs manager, TEPPFA

Conference Session 1 'Market Overview'

Chair: Tony Calton, General Manager, TEPPFA

Conference Session 2 'Old problems, new solution'

Chair: Tony Calton

DAY 2 

Conference Session 3 'Can sustainable construction products build sustainable buildings? – Experience of front running Member States'

Chair: Riccardo Viaggi, EBC Secretary General

Conference Session 4 'Is benchmarking the future of environment assessment for construction products?'
Chair: Mark Goedkoop, PRE International

Conference Session 5 '100 years ... still fit!'

Chair: Claudia Topalli

Conference Session 6 'It’s about time!'

Chair: Tony Calton