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EU Green Week Conference asks the question “Does Recycling improve air quality”

Jointly supported by TEPPFA and Vinylplus in conjunction with EurActiv the conference took place at the EU Parliament on 5th June 2013 as part of this year’s “Green Week”.
The event was kindly hosted by MEP, Vittorio Prodi, Rapporteur of the European Parliament for the Green Paper on plastic waste.
Contributors included William NEALE DG Environment, Hans TELGEN TEPPFA
Board Member, Gerald FEIGENBUTZ Managing Director EPPA and Dirk JEPSEN Executive Director OKOPOL.
Certificate_BE15-TEPPFA-Official Satellite- Green WEEK-2013.PDF
Clean drinking water: Plastic Pipe systems make it possible

On the 10 May 2012, TEPPFA, in cooperation with EURACTIV, organized a workshop entitled “Water Efficiency: What Role for Infrastructure.” This event was hosted in Brussels by MEP Richard Seeber at the European Parliament. Hans Telgen, TEPPFA President, took this opportunity to present the technological advancements of the plastic pipe systems industry focusing on water storage and drainage infrastructure.
MEP Awards 2014 A word from the sponsors

This award is particularly meaningful for TEPPFA because of our involvement in environmentally friendly initiatives.

Recycling, sustainability and the promotion of a circular economy are very high on TEPPFA’s agenda.

Also as a committed supporter of this year’s green week on circular economy TEPPFA is striving to raise awareness of the European environmental agenda and shares the goal of improving and protecting our environment.


The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) is the trade association representing manufacturers and national associations of plastic pipe systems in Europe. We are actively involved in the promotion and acceptance of plastic pipe systems for all applications. We want to raise awareness of the value that plastic pipe systems offer for a sustainable future.

This website provides factual and easily accessible information about plastic pipe systems, their value and use.

For more general information, please click on TEPPFA Plastic Pipes. There you will find an overview which we have developed together with PlasticsEurope.

Suggestions and comments are welcomed on our email address:
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Over a 100 Participants for TEPPFA Forum 2014 – Only a few places left!

In less than two weeks this year’s first official Green Week satellite event will take place in the Hotel Métropole in Brussels!

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More news...

This year TEPPFA’s annual conference will be a very special event!

For the first time we will dedicate a whole conference to bringing our members, stakeholders, business partners and EU representatives together in an effort to discuss common topics and interesting viewpoints.

Thus, between the 28th and 30th April we have organized a series of events for you, including three specific workshops with many guest speakers.

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