Above Ground

Plastic pipes are ubiquitous in both residential and non-residential building. They are hidden and hardly visible but offer a major contribution to your living comfort. They are essential for hot and cold water, surface heating (including floor heating) and cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, low noise soil and waste evacuation, sprinklers, gutters and, downpipes.


Surface Heating & Cooling

An increasing variety of heating and cooling installations allow people to live and work in a comfortable temperature, irrespective of weather and climate conditions. Plastic pipes play a central role in such heating and cooling applications as, among others, floor heating, radiator connections, central heating and ventilation systems.

Soil & Waste

Manifold advantages of plastic soil & waste pipes have made them the common choice in most markets to carry waste from homes to the sewer.

Hot & Cold

Hot and cold water systems have to be robust. They have to transport incoming water at pressure so that it flows from the tap even to the highest buildings. Plastic pipe systems are the best choice for the hot and cold water supply within buildings, offering considerable advantages.

Gutters and Downpipes

Plastic rain gutters prevent water ingress into the building by channelling the rainwater away from the exterior of the walls and their foundation. Lightweight, flexible and durable, the plastic rain gutters are the obvious choice.

Benefits of
Plastic Pipes

The story of plastic pipes and fittings is a story of success. And the basis of that success is the human desire for a better life. The incredible versatility of plastics allows for designing plastic pipes with the right technical characteristics to do the job. Plastics shape our future.

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