Plastic pressure pipes are the first choice if it comes to long life, reliable, safe and uninterrupted distribution of drinking water and gas. Utility pipes further include below ground cable ducts for electricity and fibre optic communication.


Pressure Pipes

Plastic pressure pipe systems are used in every aspect of the water cycle, including abstraction, treatment, distribution, collection and disposal. Special attributes of the plastic pipe systems make them the best choice for the job.

Gas Pipes

Plastic gas pipes provide exceptionally high integrity, resistance and flexibility in distributing gas from suppliers to consumers, providing for a safe, reliable and long-term solution for gas companies.

Cable Ducting

Plastic cable ducting systems support insulated electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. These systems offer excellent protection and convenience.

Micro Ducting

Plastic microducts are small-diameter, flexible, or semi-flexible conduits designed to provide clean, continuous, low-friction paths for placing optical cables. They are economical, long length and convenient cable protection systems.

Benefits of
Plastic Pipes

The story of plastic pipes and fittings is a story of success. And the basis of that success is a human desire for a better life. The incredible versatility of plastics allows for designing plastic pipes with the right technical characteristics to do the job. Plastics shapes our future.

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