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Know your standards

Plastic pipes and inspection chambers for the construction of gravity drains and sewers have been widely used for many years in the UK.

British Standards, such as BS 4660 for unplasticized PVC underground drain pipe and fittings (first published 1971), have led the way in setting performance and installation principles. With the development of European Standards, British Standards were used to formulate the UK’s input into drafting. European Standards (EN) are adopted in the UK directly as British Standards (BS EN).

The use of the correct standard for purchasing products which are suitable for their intended application ensures ease of installation and a long service life.

The purpose of this short guide is to provide information on specifications applicable to plastic pipes, inspection chambers, manholes and covers for drainage and sewerage applications in both private and public applications. It is therefore suitable for work carried out to the Building Regulations (Part H), to Sewers for Adoption and their national equivalent documents.

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Posted on 2nd August 2017

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