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Recycling key topic in call for PPXXI papers

Recycling is one of the key issues that organisers of PPXXI are keen to address
in their call for papers. Potential presenters for this international event are
invited to submit a 300 word abstract in the English language before November
11, 2022. The PPXXI Conference and Exhibition will be hosted in Lake Buena
Vista, Florida (Walt Disney World) on September 25 – 27, 2023.
Zoran Davidovski, Technical Program Chair of PPXXI comments: “The plastic
pipe industry has recycled its factory waste since its creation in 1936. For nearly
forty years, it has promoted national collection schemes to recycle its systems at
end of long service use.”
“No other industry has been able to achieve such a record. These ‘returns’
continue to produce economical and reputational benefits in the form of
significant cents and sensibility.”
“Yet in the innovative world of plastic pipes, enough is never enough. We are
keen to review and share the latest expertise and experience in the business
and technology of recycling plastic pipe systems. The focus is wide from the
molecular to the macroeconomic; from chemical to mechanical recycled
materials to the creation and manufacturing of new recycled products, R & D,
collection schemes, testing and certification, collaborations or partnerships for
feedstock management or those focused on improving recycling efficiencies.”

New pipes from old

“Throughout the world, collection schemes are successfully in place to provide
for a wide range of quality plastic pipe systems and a myriad of construction
products such as infiltration units that harvest stormwater and mitigate flooding
and landslides.”
PPCA conferences generally host as many as 400 delegates from more than
forty countries. Over 90 papers will be delivered to address technical and
marketing issues relating to the design and development testing, installation and
operation of plastic pipe systems.
Typically, presentations will offer solutions to engineering issues in the use of
plastic pipes system and identify market trends for further growth in the use of
these systems. In-depth review will also extend to latest developments in
application areas, materials, additives/ingredients, testing, performance and the
most recent expertise acquired in the area of sustainability and its assessment.
Davidovski points out that papers will be published and promoted extensively
through the conference online and offline platforms.

Further information on abstract guidelines is posted via:

Note to Editors: PPCA conferences are self-financing and any profits from one
event are rei-nvested in future conferences, educational tools or “spin-off”
Further information:
Eva Ori at [email protected] Tel.: + 36-30-9514-480

The original Press Release is available below. The full list of sponsors can be found here.

Posted on 8th August 2022

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