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TEPPFA publishes Manifesto for the EU 2024-2029 Mandate

In the run up to the European elections (6-9 June) the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers Association (TEPPFA) publishes its manifesto 2024-2029 with 4 key policy asks.

Ludo Debever, General Manager of TEPPFA: “Our up to 100+ years plastic pipes and fittings have over the past decades contributed largely to our comfort of life.  With the new challenges to society from climate change, our members are increasingly developing solutions to mitigate the impact. A regulatory framework is needed to support our sector’s delivery on our vision through a continued development of durable, sustainable and high performant solutions for critical infrastructure and essential services to society. These priorities are reflected in TEPPFA’s Manifesto for the EU 2024-2029 mandate. We call on the EU authorities to include our key priorities in the EU agenda for the coming years.”

TEPPFA’s 4 key priority asks:

  1. Business Certainty for a Competitive European Manufacturing Industry
  2. Green Deal Implementation Considering the Specific Characteristics of the Building and Infrastructure Sector
  3. Recognise the Role Plastic Pipe Systems can Play to Mitigate Climate Change Impact
  4. Deliver the Water Resilience Strategy

For more details, read TEPPFA Manifesto for the EU 2024-2029 Mandate here.

Posted on 3rd May 2024

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