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Guidance Notes for Socket Jointing of PVC-U and PVC-O Pipe Systems for Pressure Applications

The main advantages of using PVC-U and PVC-O pipes and fittings for pressure applications are their long lifetime and trouble-free operation. In order to achieve this, there are simple proven techniques for joining pipes and fittings during the construction phase. The technique of making a push-fit connection with a rubber gasket between a PVC-U or PVC-O pipe spigot-end and a PVC-U or PVC-O pipe or fitting socket, has shown to consistently deliver good quality pipe joints under a broad range of construction situations.

The purpose of this guide is to provide an understanding of the PVC-U and PVC-O pipes and fittings and their jointing techniques, leading to knowledge about how to achieve good quality outcomes. Given the knowledge and experience accrued over more than 70 years, quality joints can be achieved as a matter of routine construction practice.