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Best Score for Danish Opera House

In the new opera house in Copenhagen, when Madam Butterfly pauses before singing her heart rendering aria un bel di vedremo, the suspense will be felt by the mind. Not the body!

Designed by Henning Larsen, this wonderful building had many challenges to solve. Only the most ideal acoustics were possible. No banging metal pipework and only the very best technical solutions. All materials and finishes should naturally be state of the art.

The result? One of the best-equipped and most modern opera houses in the world. Plastic pipe systems are used throughout the building. For instance, a combined floor heating and cooling system in the Opera House foyer has been installed. This plastic pipe system provides a comfortable temperature for the audience in summer and a comfortable temperature in winter. Large temperature fluctuations and condensation are avoided.

In Copenhagen, every note of Puccini’s musical score will be heard in its entirety. And though his libretto may arouse a mindful response, the audience will be surrounded by the comfort of a well-designed building.

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