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Religious Conservation for the Abbey

The Abbey of Praglia, located near Padua in Northern Italy, is a gem worth visiting. Founded in the 11th century by Benedictine monks and rebuilt in 1496-1550, the abbey is one of Italy’s oldest and largest religious establishments. When the Abbey of Praglia decided to upgrade its entire heating system, special attention had to be paid to the protection of all areas of historical interest. But how to achieve this and still conserve the historical structure of the building?

The solution was provided by plastic pipe technology. Obsolete oil powered boilers located within the abbey perimeter were replaced and plastic pipes now deliver central heating and hot water from a new external boiler.

Conservation of this imposing abbey has thus been facilitated through the use of flexible plastic pipes. Installation was quick and without disruption to the structure of the building or to the daily lives of the abbey’s occupants. This abbey contains a rich library with over 50.000 volumes, a well-known restoration centre of antique books, a herbalist’s laboratory, and a cosmetic workshop. Continuing its traditional monastic activities, today the community hosts conferences and runs a guest service. Its character will endure.

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