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TEPPFA launches Interactive Buried Pipes Calculator

TEPPFA has launched an interactive buried pipes calculator, designed to make the calculation of long-term deflection and resistance against buckling of below-ground flexible plastic pipes accurate and relatively easy.

The calculator is expected to prove very popular, in particular for the wide and growing demand for non-pressure plastic pipes above 1000mm diameter, but also for smaller pipe diameters.

The calculations were made after extensive work by Swedish plastic pipes expert Jan Molin, and there are two interactive calculators available; one for plastic pipes below 1000mm diameter and the other for plastic pipes above 1000mm diameter. These calculators will considerably help those involved with designing and installing non-pressure pipe systems, by providing highly accurate assessments of loading requirements once the pipe information has been entered. The benefits are speed, ease of use and accuracy.

Pipes below 1000mm diameter will tend to be for smaller projects whilst the larger diameter calculator is ideal for larger infrastructure project requirements. Both have unrestricted online access for users through the TEPPFA website.

TEPPFA Technical Manager Peter Sejersen said: “There has been some excellent work done by Jan Molin and other pipe industry experts to produce this very accurate and easy to use calculator and we hope it will prove popular in use by those involved in all non-pressure plastic pipe sectors.”

Jan Molin’s report, called ‘Design of large diameter buried PE and PP pipes without internal pressure’ was commissioned by TEPPFA, and acknowledges the previous Buried Pipes Project, which provided extensive knowledge from plastic pipe industry experts. The report is available on the TEPPFA website here.

Thomas Mortensen is Wavin’s Technical Advisor in Denmark and he commented: “The calculation program for flexible, buried pipes is very important in relation to the positive behaviour of plastic pipes in the ground. Even though flexible pipes have proven longevity, durability and quality for decades we need to be able to continuously demonstrate the interaction between pipes and the surrounding soil. With the new release of the program, this interaction is readily available and very easy to use.”

Due to the rapidly growing use of larger diameter plastic pipes in the industry over the last few years, the need for a fast and reliable quantitative method for the structural calculation of these pipes was identified and European experts developed the interactive calculation tool. It is available on the TEPPFA website here.

The tool will also be available on the websites of several TEPPFA member companies and it will calculate pipe tolerances in accordance with the European Standard EN 13476: ‘Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage – Structured-wall piping systems.’

TEPPFA is keen to advance and improve standards across the construction industry for the correct specification, installation and long-term use of plastic pipes in all diameters.

Download the pdf to view the original press release.

Posted on 1st June 2023

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